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Here at we love to brag about what benefits owning a camcorder can offer.

  1. Higher quality video capturing that doesn’t eat up your memory
  2. Film for a lot longer
  3. Better quality image
  4. Cheap to run, all you need is an SD card in most circumstances
  5. Easy to download and edit video
  6. Better sound quality with a specialize camcorder
  7. MP4 video output capabilities
  8. HD video up to 1080p
  9. Action camcorders can take you anywhere!

Would you use a camcorder?

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Would you use a camcorder?

Many have done so in the past, without fuss, but these days camcorders are being made redundant, most especially with the evolution of mobile technology.

Who wants a camcorder, when your mobile phone is doing it all these days?

We’d like to hear from you…would you still use a camcorder?