The moment you are done with the preliminaries and have finalized the budget for your film making project and chalked out a schedule to complete it, the first thing you should worry about is the equipments that you will require to produce your film. You need to shop around for the film making equipment rental houses and their prices. It will be useful to prepare a list of rental houses. Further, there may be equipments that require reserving ahead of time so that you have them when you need them.

Some of the vendors may offer you a complete package while others may not be so generous. But if you are sure about what equipments you will need, you will able to get to the right vendor.

While you are talking to the vendors ask them specifically whether they can supply the desired equipments at the dates you require them. Don’t forget to brief them about your project and kind of equipments you will need. Because the vendors often have the latest information on newer equipments that you are unlikely to know.

You will be booking some equipment in advance — it is referred to as a hold. You don’t pay for an equipment while reserving it, Keep this in mind. It is quite possible that your equipment is reserved by someone else, i.e., it is on hold. In such a case, if you wish, you can reserve it from a future date, provided the vendor assures you that he will give you the equipment by the date you need it. Also ask the rental house if you can place a confirm order. They will now contact the person who has reserved the equipment and ask him to either confirm the order or else withdraw his hold.

You should know it very clearly that when you confirm your order, you are required to pay rental right from the date you reserved it. It does not matter that you are not going to use the equipment immediately from the date of hold. In case there is change in your plan, do contact the rental house at your earliest so that they make suitable arrangements with some other customer.

The equipment you have rented has already been used by several other users, so you should test it well before shooting your film. You can’t find fault with the vendor, in case you waste your energy and time with faulty equipment. Even if the equipment was fine when you got and tested it, but can go bad anytime. So you need a proper insurance cover. The equipment rental house can introduce you to some good insurance company to cover you production activity.

It is important that you sign a written agreement with the film making equipment rental house that clearly specifies rental cost, the time of receiving and returning the equipment, your liabilities as well as responsibilities, etc. While receiving the equipment check whether all its components are in place and that the equipment works satisfactorily. It is better to discover faults while still at the vendor’s place than while shooting. Also ensure that every item of your list has been delivered to you, else you will be wasting your precious time running around for a missing item. Double check everything, no matter how minor it seems. It is advisable to collect your complete list of equipments one or two days before the shooting date. This way you will have enough time for checking your equipments and there won’t be unpleasant surprises when you actually use them.