The best setup to live stream your video games

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Broadcast your play to Twitch or YouTube. For serious live streaming, you need the right gear. David Nield/Popular Science Live video game streams online attract hundreds of thousands of viewers, drawn in by the skill and personality of the presenters, the quality of the games, or both. Anyone can dive in and start hosting their own… » Read more

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Mevo – Live Event Camera for iOS devices with iOS 9 or higher, (Black)

creating your own youtube video


  • Your iPhone is now your personal video editing suite – zoom, pan and cut with ease, all from a single camera and iOS App
  • Stream live to your customers, fans, and friends from virtually anywhere via Wi-Fi or LTE. Mevo supports Livestream and is the first camera to stream to Facebook Live
  • No rig required. Simple, small and discreet, the Mevo camera and app are all you need to record or stream your live events beautifully
  • 150 degree all glass lens with Sony 4K sensor enabling 720p HD video output for streaming and recording
  • Built in stereo microphones with dedicated DSP, plus the ability to plugin external audio through the iOS device connected to the camera Read More…

creating your own youtube video

Mevo is the new pocket-sized live event video camera and companion iOS app that lets you edit while you film. Now you can share live events in real time with unprecedented production value.

creating your own youtube video

Real-time editing

Your iPhone is now your personal video editing suite — zoom, pan and cut with ease, all from a single camera and iOS app.

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Stream live or share later

Stream live to your customers, fans, and friends from virtually anywhere via Wi-Fi or LTE. Mevo supports Livestream and is the first camera to stream to Facebook Live.

creating your own youtube video

Become the Director

creating your own youtube video

This amazing technology is going to change the way we do online business.

Anyone creating events or hosting events needs this camera – its compact, its easy to use and most of all its amazing quality…

Take ME to MEVO

Making videos can be so much fun and so can doing live streaming

By Chris Gray on August 15, 2016

Configuration: BaseColor: Black

Making videos can be so much fun and so can doing live streaming, but sometimes it can be a bit frustrating. Having to change your camera location can be tough, or maybe you are lucky enough to have a friend or some one help switch your shots. Either way, it’s not ideal. This can make videos so much better with the ability to change camera angles or zoom in and out on the fly. This would also make shooting live video so much better as well.

Well, now you can thanks to Livestream and the Mevo. I have been loving the different features it has. I truly feel like I have a large studio at my beck and call. I no longer have to stop shooting to reposition cameras or make a lot of post edits. This little device will change the way I do my video reviews.

Now streaming-wise, the Mevo is a game changer, being able to adjust the filters and angles will enhance my FB live videos in a way I could not before. I am very impressed with what this little beauty can do for my video work. My only gripe is that at least as of the time writing this, it only outputs 720p video. I just wanted to disclose, I preordered this from Mevo’s website a few months back and have only had it a few days for testing, but so far I am very happy minus the 720p. Still, the Mevo will come in handy for all of my new video work.

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